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Investor FAQ's

When and where was Black Box founded?

The Company was founded in 1976 in Monroeville, PA, USA

Where are Black Box’s corporate headquarters located?

Black Box’s corporate headquarters are located at:
1000 Park Drive
Lawrence, PA 15055, USA

What is Black Box’s ticker symbol and where is the stock traded?

Black Box common stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol “BBOX.”

Who are the members of Black Box’s Board of Directors?

The members of the Board of Directors are listed on the Leadership page in the Investor Relations section of our Web site.

Does Black Box operate under a calendar or fiscal year?

Black Box’s fiscal year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31.

How can I get a copy of Black Box's annual report, quarterly reports, current reports, or other printed material?

Black Box’s annual reports, quarterly reports, current reports, and other printed materials are available under Financial Information in the Investor Relations section of our website.

Which firm is the independent registered public accounting firm for Black Box?

BDO USA, LLP, an independent registered public accounting firm, is Black Box’s independent auditor.
BDO USA, LLP is located at:

233 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 2500
Chicago, IL 60601, USA
Phone: +1-312-856-9100
Fax: +1-312-856-1379

What is the company’s CUSIP number?

The CUSIP number for Black Box’s common stock is 091826107.

Does Black Box pay a dividend? When is it paid?

Black Box currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.08 per share, subject to approval by our Board of Directors each quarter.

Note: The actual declaration and payment of future dividends and the establishment of record and payment dates, if any, is subject to final determination by our Board of Directors each quarter after its review of our then current strategy, applicable debt covenants, and financial performance and position, among other things.

Does Black Box have more than one class of common stock?

Black Box currently has only one class of common stock issued and outstanding.

Who is Black Box’s Transfer Agent?

Black Box’s Transfer Agent is American Stock Trust & Transfer. For questions regarding your account, statements, dividend payments, dividend reinvestment, address changes, lost certificates, stock transfer, and/or ownership changes, please contact:

American Stock Trust & Transfer Company, LLC
Shareholder Relations Department
6201 15th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA
Phone: +1-800-937-5449
Web site:

How can I contact the Black Box Investor Relations department?

For questions or other information, contact us at:
Investor Relations
Phone: +1-724-873-6788

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