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DKM Brochure

Delivers instant switching in four different modes for data center, control room, pooling and similar applications.

  DKM FX Configurator

The DKM is a hybrid matrix switching solution for multiple signal types in an innovative KVM product system. This system replaces multiple devices with one integrated solution by supporting routing, switching, and multi-point distribution of DVI-DualLink, DVI, VGA, 3G/HD-SDI, HDMI, analogue video, USB HID, USB 2.0/3.0, digital and analogue audio, RS-232 and RS-422. The DKM system consists of a central switch and DKM extenders providing the connections and interfaces for the consoles and computers.

Two series of DKM switches are available. The DKM FX is a fully modular KVM switch offering 48, 80, 160 or 288 ports that can be freely configured as input or output with HD SDI, CATx or fibre connections. The DKM FXC is the compact version of the DKM FX offering 8, 16, 48, 64 or 80 freely configurable in and output ports preconfigured for CATx or fibre connections.

This tool assists you in assembling the central modular DKM switch according to your needs or finding the alternative compact version DKM FXC.

Please verify your configuration with our pre-sales engineers and discuss the most suitable application meeting your applicational requirements best.

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Please provide the number of inputs/outputs required - the results will auto-update depending on input.

Inputs Required
Video/KVM - CATx
Video/KVM - Fibre
USB2.0 Ports - CATx
USB2.0 Ports - Fibre
Outputs Required
Video/KVM - CATx
Video/KVM - Fibre
USB2.0 Ports - CATx
USB2.0 Ports - Fibre
Total Number of CATx Ports required:
Total Number of Fibre Ports required:
Total Number of CATx I/O Cards required:
Total Number of Fibre I/O Cards required:

List of Components for Modular FX Systems

Minimum Switch Size required for your configuration
Spare Power Supply for Load Sharing and Redundancy
8-Port CATx I/O Card
8-Port Fibre I/O Card with SFPs

List of Components for alternative Fixed Compact DKM FXC System

Note: Each Port requires a DKM Extender to connect a computer or user console.

DKM Solutions

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