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Conference Room Seminar Series

Achieve better meeting efficiency
through modern technology

February / March 2017

Black Box Academy 2017 - Control Room and Conference Room Seminars

Multiple locations, increased mobility, and fast-paced daily operations all require a collaborative and intuitive environment to help businesses innovate and improve productivity.

According to Harvard Business Review, the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has increased by 50 percent or more over the past two decades. This is the fundamental reason why carefully managing collaboration is so critical - it is the activity that takes up the most time on any given day.

What's more, meeting effectiveness - or the lack thereof - affects virtually everyone within a meeting, up to top-level executives.

Some of the key benefits of optimized AV include more efficient meetings, streamlined communications across departments, time savings and increased employee engagement.

In this series of 5 individual European events, we will present how to create an intuitive environment for your meeting spaces with collaboration and room scheduling solutions, and convenient multi-system room management for AV/IT.

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During our one-day seminars, experienced application engineers and technicians will give you an overview of emerging trends and hands-on sessions on solutions for collaboration, room scheduling and automation in conference rooms and huddle spaces. Take the opportunity for an interactive exchange with AV/IT experts that all face common challenges:

  • How to prepare your meeting room for BYOD.
  • How to simplify your AV cabling infrastructure.
  • How to make optimal use of your current and future meeting room real estate.


Bring your own device, so you can test for yourself.

Do you have any further questions about the content, course and scope of the seminar series? Please contact us by e-mail at: or call us free of charge at 00800-22552269.


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Download the agenda for further information on the course of the seminar.


Date Country City
23 February UK Reading
1 March France Paris
8 March Belgium Zaventem
15 March Denmark Køge
22 March Germany Munich

Some of the featured solutions

Wireless, Real-Time Video Collaboration: Coalesce™

Collaboration—not just presentation. Create a wireless collaboration environment in any room using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Use Coalesce to encourage involvement, drive collaboration, and increase productivity. Participants can share within seconds and start real collaboration in conference rooms and huddle spaces.

Meeting Room Booking System: IN-SESSION Room Scheduler

Make instant meeting room reservations, and extend or cancel existing meetings directly from an intuitive touch panel

The IN-SESSION room scheduler makes it easy to effectively manage the occupancy of boardrooms, conference rooms, and any other meeting place.

Room control and Multi-System Automation: ControlBridge™

Gain multiple system control and room automation from a touch panel screen

ControlBridge™ enables operators to trigger control room and room automation systems via an intuitive touch panel GUI or even mobile devices. Control signals via Ethernet or a serial connection to a video wall through the use of dynamic API commands or preset functions.

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