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Control Room Event Series

The present and future of operator and administrator friendly control rooms

February / March 2017

Black Box Academy 2017 - Control Room and Conference Room Seminars

Planning and implementing IT networks and infrastructure components in control rooms can be complex and time-consuming task. Project managers, planners and integrators are required to consider many different aspects such as future-proof infrastructure, network safety, operator workflows and investment protection.

Current technology developments in the fields of infrastructure, networks and KVM signal transmission provide opportunities to meet these challenges efficiently, although this may mean that technology know-how, experience and expertise for implementation have to be comprehensively compiled and researched.

In our seminar series, we will give you an overview of current developments in the areas

  • AV/KVM signal distribution
  • Network and multi-system management
  • KVM connectivity of virtualised and physical servers
  • Professional video walls & data visualisation
  • Intuitive operator control & workflows
to help you make decisions on the choice of technologies and IT infrastructure components based on a sound overview.

In addition to presentations by experienced consultants and application experts, you will also be given the opportunity to try out the presented solutions in a hands-on session and to contribute your own questions and experiences in the group.

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Do you have any further questions about the content, course and scope of the seminar series? Please contact us by e-mail at: or call us free of charge at 00800-22552269.


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Download the agenda for further information on the course of the seminar.


Date Country City
22 February UK Reading
28 February France Paris
7 March Belgium Zaventem
14 March Denmark Køge
21 March Germany Munich

Some of the featured solutions

KVM - VDI / KVM over IP : InvisaPC™

Extend HD Video and USB signals across IP networks at low bandwidth requirement

InvisaPC™ bridges the gap between IP-based KVM extension and switching and access to virtual machines. It provides remote access to physical or virtualised CPUs for real-time and high-bandwidth applications.

New innovative solution: launch at ISE 2017

Manage and Administrate Multiple AV and KVM systems

With this unique new solution, various KVM and AV systems can be managed and administrated from a single web interface. Monitor the status of individual KVM components in an IP network and assign user rights across different platforms.

Multi-System AV, KVM and Room Control

Gain multiple system control and room automation from a touch panel screen

ControlBridge™ enables operators to trigger control room and room automation systems via an intuitive touch panel GUI or even mobile devices. Control signals via Ethernet or a serial connection to a video wall through the use of dynamic API commands or preset functions.

Radian Video Wall Processor

Create advanced video walls to improve situational awareness

Use the Radian Video Wall Processor to create small to massive video walls to visualize mission-critical information and to improve situational awareness, decision making, and response times in control rooms.

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